Sales Funnel Software

Nowadays, Sales Funnel Software is a must-have trend.

Every business owner today knows how difficult it is to survive the ever evolving trends of current marketing. You’ll be required to come up with a smart and systematic strategy after every short interval. So, for those who want to excel their business and recognize their services in this competitive and digitized market, sales funnel software can give a proper sense of direction and clear the path towards their ultimate target.

With sales funnel software, businesses who want to incorporate inbound marketing within their promotion campaigns can give their users a detailed guide, leading them through multiple steps to strengthen the grip by providing hints of fruitful information and increasing conversion ratio.

However, most people don’t risk aligning their strategies with sales funnels simply because they aren’t aware of the working and usage of these software. We’ve compiled a detailed guide about sales funnel software suggesting you some of the best according to your business needs.

About Sales Funnel

Before diving right into the details of sales funnel software and their usage, let’s dig deeper about sales funnel.

Well, when it comes to sales, promotion, or marketing, every business has a proper procedure of getting their potential clients to avail their service or to make a purchase. There are many stages of the buying process and different leads can pick different routes through those stages. If your services or products are complex for users to get or risky to try, it often takes months for your visitors to turn into customers, that’s where sales funnels come in handy.

The main objective of setting up a sales funnel is to straighten up the buying process so that the lead doesn’t get lost in the complexity of the flow. It can also give users a better experience altogether by guiding them right towards what they came for. This way every purchase would be easily registered without any hassle, which can help in driving more people towards your services.

The sales funnel consists of a series of sequentially executable steps that include different marketing assets in a single process from social media marketing to email marketing. There are some software funnel tools that offer a brief view of your monthly/annual sales in comparison to the results and your efforts.

How Does a Sales Funnel Look Like?

Every business comes up with a unique and personalized sales funnel for their services and sometimes they choose different sales funnels for different services. However, the components and working of these funnels often have similarity from signup or scheduling forms leading to a call or webinar session. 

A typical sales funnel leading to avail the service can have the following steps:

Step 1:

Ads promotion on social media attracting users to a tap the call-to-action button supported by catchy content

Step 2:

After clicking the button, the users gets redirected to the landing page to send their email to receive the newsletter and video guideline about the usage and advantages of the services.

Step 3:

The user receives a link to the video within a day after submitting the email.

Step 4:

After watching the video, the user fill the schedule form to avail your service. 

Step 5:

Newsletters are continuously being send to their email suggesting different discounts and updates about your services.

Step 6:

In case of dropping out in the middle of this process, the user receives a reminder email.

This entire journey of buyer’s purchase can easily be monitored by business owners through sales funnel software. They can track every conversion which helps them to check any flaw within the flow causing users to drop. It is also very cost efficient as you get different marketing components such as landing page editors, webinar hosting, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. under a single platform, instead of getting subscriptions of multiple tools.

There are different benefits of using sales funnel software to efficiently align your marketing efforts with minimum complexity and to ease user experience.

When To Use Sales Funnel Software

For those at the beginner’s stage or at the development phase of their business, sales funnel software can help you get the most out of your marketing strategies minimizing the costs and efforts. You’ll be free from hiring and firing strategy managers and subscribing to new tools every other day, but only if you’ll get all that you need to convert more leads.

Instead of signing up to different tools, you can save by focusing your budget on only using the services that’s worth it. All your frequently used applications will be integrated into the sales funnel software that can improvise user experience so that you can direct your response to something more important.

7 Best Sales Funnel Software

There are some tools rolling around the internet that emerged as sales funnel builders but they lack many primary features that you may need for smoothly running your marketing strategies. Some of them don’t include email marketing in their prominent features, others don’t offer website hosting.

With effective research, you can find different cost effective and feature-packed options also. Some of them are listed below:


clickfunnels sales funnel software

One of the major names when it comes to sales funnel software is ClickFunnels. This software is designed specifically for small business owners and startup entrepreneurs having only basic coding knowledge. Their vision works on giving an easy method of high conversions for their clients without the need of hiring designers or coding experts.

You can easily come up with a systematic and organized marketing workflow without having to know any computer language. According to their official website, the tool offers sales funnel builders and their expertise lies in landing page editors with tutorial videos and guidelines especially for beginners.

Although the tool has many different templates for all types of marketing campaigns, most of them aren’t up to par. You’ll have to make necessary changes to increase reliability amongst users. ClickFunnels also offers an in-built query button in case of any operational difficulty, allowing you to seek help from either the glossary or directly from their customer representative.


Pop-up Editors

Within the landing page editor section, you’ll get a detailed set of templates and options to integrate. The page also includes different pop-up editors making it accessible to configure the changes after publishing.


Another highlighted feature here is all components of the editor simply work on dragging and dropping, especially when you’re going for a minimal look.

Whether you want to make a table or divide your page into sections, you can drag rows and tabs easily to the page and design a personalized landing page relevant to your business and audience.

One-Click Upsells and Downsells

ClickFunnels has a feature that allows you to gain more income by increasing the cart value known as upsells and downsells. This feature adds extra sections before the checking out page suggesting items based on your previous purchase.

Follow-Up Funnels

It is important to efficiently utilize user’s information for marketing and ClickFunnels helps you to use it for follow up campaigns. You can easily create quick but influential funnels that ask for updates or send a reminder to your audience.

Plans and Pricing

  • Starter plan: $97 monthly
  • Etison Suite: $297 monthly
  • Funnel builder allows you to preview and try out different steps easing the setup process.
  • The cookbook section provides every tiny detail and tutorials for the beginners.
  • Starter plan doesn’t include email marketing

Landing page templates are mostly old and very sales-centric making it unrelatable for the audience.


getresponse sales funnel software

Next on our list is GetResponse which is known to be the wholesome platform for all types of marketing needs. The tool offers different types of funnel with features dedicated to the usage and strategy you have in mind. From responsive execution of social media campaigns to interactive landing pages, they have everything that you need to convert more leads.

GetResponse helps you market your products, portray your services, and even improvise your existing e-commerce website with trendy solutions including bank account, social media, and location integration. The tool is ideal for shopping and different ecommerce websites being awarded for providing the best email marketing services and having a strong hold over webinars and video based responses.

A promising aspect about GetResponse is that it offers easy installation and setup of conversion funnels with detailed workflow analysis helping you configure the series of steps and the process and criteria of lead filtration.


Trendy Templates

Unlike most sales funnel tools, GetResponse offers trendy and attractive landing page templates that can not only increase the reliability but depicts the owner’s knowledge about the latest trends and marketing strategies. You’ll find a wide variety of upgraded templates in the builder inventory.


Get the most conversions by using the autoresponder features by GetResponse allowing automated email scheduling. You can send different messages and emails automatically to your clients by scheduling any event or time. This feature helps you simplify your daily job helping you focus on other aspects of your business.

A/B Testing

The tool also offers an email testing feature that helps in optimizing the subject lines of your email and analyse the impact towards the audience based on click rate and response rate.

Data Integration and Storage

GetResponse also works the best as a data storage unit allowing you to save all the data about your customers in it. Later on you can come up with personalized responses, segment your audience and implement changes based on that information. Moreover, you can use the import feature to integrate that data to use on other platforms as well.

Plans and Pricing

  • Plus: $59 monthly/1000 users & $114 monthly/10000 users
  • Professional: $119 monthly/ 1,000 users & $199 monthly/ 10,000 users


  • One stop shop for great execution of your marketing strategies.
  • Frequent updates and reports on all the funnel stages
  • Comparison analysis of implemented elements and conversion ratio
  • The tool provides 24/7 email and live chat with customer service agents


  • Expensive as the subscription criteria depends on user engagement.

Another highly renowned sales funnel software available with a wide range of different features is It helps in efficiently systemizing your marketing strategies with automated campaigns. You can sell any of your products, offer services, or even establish an affiliate program with the tool with its AI integrated features helping the users to sit back and relax with the increased conversions.

In this fast moving, expensive world, provides a free version of the subscription where users can create up to 11 pages of sales funnel templates. As the software offers different services, it has dashboards dedicated for affiliated programs and marketing campaigns separately. These dashboards also contain every bit of information about the transaction made from each contact and much more.


Promotional Campaigns helps in creating useful marketing campaigns especially based on emails and responses. As you tend to take contact information about your potential client, the tool uses the email address to deliver automated newsletter, messages, reminders, and even track social media accounts through the email to carry out promotional campaigns from different platforms.


Especially during the starting phase of a business or a low budget stage, business owners prefer going online to build connections as it is more cost friendly than physical events. offers high duration webinar hosting and webinar funnels features that helps you build trusted connections with your audience and other investors. The evergreen webinar feature is the most used within the inventory.

Blog Creation

Content plays an integral role in attracting people towards your platform and personalizes the content with the saved information about your contacts for triggered emails and responses to make conversion faster and easier. You can integrate a blog tab within your landing page just by drag and drop feature to build user’s interest.

Automated Marketing believes in scaling business using digitised processes. All the different components of your marketing can be automated with the features from project management and feedback to sales and tracking leads.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free: 2000 users
  • Startup: $32.40 monthly/5000 users
  • Webinar: $56.40 monthly/ 10000 users
  • Enterprise: $116.40 monthly/ 15000 users


  • io is one of the few sales funnel software offering free version ideal for small startups
  • Easy sales funnel setup and affordable subscription plans
  • Wide range of AI integrated tools
  • Automated Marketing features
  • Separate dashboards for different services


  • Not enough tutorials to know more about setup guidelines.


activecampagin sales funnel software

ActiveCampaign originated to be an all in one sales funnel tool that touches different fields of marketing campaigns that can increase the conversion ratio. You’ll find every feature within the software that is needed to attract the traffic and to pass them through a sequential execution leading to purchase. With ActiveCampaign, you can integrate transactional extensions in the website to make payments easily.

ActiveCampaign has been tried and tested on several forums and has been a leading email sales funnel marketing software. The only drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t offer affiliate marketing or webinar hosting services which you won’t even need if it isn’t relevant for your business. It is known to be a wise choice for most startups with subscriptions available in affordable price range.


Easy-to-use Form Builder

As you know that scheduling or signing up forms are an important part of the sales funnel, thus ActiveCampaign offers an easy and efficient form builder that allows users to create it on their own quite easily without getting into the lengthy details of coding or database.

Dynamic Content

ActiveCampaign also has this unique feature of having dynamic content for landing pages as well as email marketing. The content must be compelling enough to attract the users that’s why they give different options of engaging taglines and captions to choose from as per your need.

Marketing Automation

Sales funnel is dedicated to make things simple for business owners and ActiveCampaign works on the principle of automating features to make the marketing process easier for you from automated responses to track lead dropping.

Custom Audience Integration

An incredible feature offered by ActiveCampaign is that it gets you the audience from all your digital platforms. Suppose, you have business social accounts and you have significant reach there, the audience integration tool can gather that audience to your website as well.

Plans and Pricing

  • Lite plan: From $15 monthly/ 500 users
  • Plus plan: From $70 monthly/ 500 users
  • Professional plan: From $187 monthly/ 500 users


  • ActiveCampaign offers automation in every features
  • Advanced marketing capabilities
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Personalized sales, thanks to dynamic web or email content
  • Suggestions based on purchase


  • Webinar hosting not available
  • Can’t preview sales funnel for amendment

Thrive Suite

thrivesuite sales funnel software

Thrive Suite has come up as an affordable yet packed with all types of features that needs to efficiently run any type of online business. It is known for the frequency in updates and maintenance that keeps it loaded with the latest features helping resolving emerging issues. The software also has more modernized templates, increased integrations on different platforms, and many other distinguished features from any other tool.

Despite having everything Thrive Suite may face challenging executing your needs because the features they’re offering are for the benefit of entrepreneurs and startups. All of their workflow, templates, and other mechanics are relevant to that audience.


Quiz builder

Thrive Suite offers a quiz builder feature that is ideal for websites or businesses that need their users to take a certain test. You can create an entire quiz form with just simply drag and drop options quite easily.

Landing Pages with A/B Testing

Thrive Suite offers landing page editors that analyse the audience’s impact on different changes through A/B testing. It also helps in optimizing the most used features of the app and track the conversion based on click rate and response rate.

Conversion-focused WordPress themes

Themes can either make or break your audience which is why Thrive Suite has been focused on coming up with unique WordPress themes that are solely dedicated to increase conversions with professionalism and trendy colour, gradients, designs, and much more.

Plans and Pricing

  • Thrive Suite Quarterly: $99
  • Thrive Suite Yearly: $299


  • Affordability
  • Wide range of features
  • Usable on up to 5 different websites at the same time


  • No automation available
  • Doesn’t offer email marketing
  • Free trial not provided..


kajabi sales funnel software

For those who have a strong grip on different business and sales components then Kajabi works well for you. It is the tool specifically designed for experts in the field to generate a high ratio of conversions. It helps you to come up with a detailed sales funnel so that you can direct your service right where your targeted audience resides on the web.

Kajabi even assists you in blogging and video hosting services by scheduling and optimizing your content flow without clustering and congesting your quality content. With this software, you can also carry out transactional services by asking for subscription or membership fees through integrated payment apps for using the content you’re offering.

The only drawback of this software is that it is limited to course based and educational content, and isn’t well suited for different types of businesses.


Course Building

If you are running a website that offer tutorials and blogs based courses then Kajabi can create a powerful course building system through which you can not only attract keen and learning students but also generate a high amount of revenue.

Easy to Create Funnels

With Kajabi, you can create a detailed sales funnel with visual pipelines without any extra hassle. Just drag and drop the features you want to add and your sales funnel would be easily made within just one click. The sales funnel offered by Kajabi also has prewritten emails which makes it stand out among the rest

Plans & Pricing

  • Basic: $1428 yearly
  • Growth: $1908 yearly
  • Pro: $3828 yearly


  • Simple to use
  • Robust platform having a wide range of marketing features
  • Visual sales funnel creation supported by pipeline
  • Vast variety customizable templates
  • Accessible affiliate marketing components


  • Limited built-in payment features
  • Pricey
  • Less student engagement tools


The last sales funnel software on our list that offers multiple services under a single roof is Katra. The software is known for providing different marketing components to make it easier, accessible, and cost effective for business owners. You can avail email marketing, webinar, video hosting, live chats, forms, automation, and much more.

Kartra has a very straightforward and systemized interface having a checklist for different services and sections. These checklists can easily help you monitor every step of your sales funnel in detail so that you won’t have to feel the need of editing or polishing.

For an average list of contacts, Kartra can help you stay within your budget without keeping your eggs in different baskets.


Video Hosting

Most businesses either offering courses or suggesting tutorials rely on video hosting as a major part of their sales funnel. With Kartra, you can not only host but also host different types of videos while optimizing it for adding different buttons and forms. With this feature, you can even assess the routes and stages of lead on any video.

Email Automation

You can’t always keep a manual check on your potential clients or send thousands of emails on your own which is why Kartra helps you with automated responses and automation in email marketing as well. So that your users will be sent an automatic feedback or reminder as per your scheduling.

Plans and Pricing

  • Trial: $1 14 days
  • Starter: $99 monthly & 948 yearly
  • Silver plan: $199 monthly & $1788 yearly
  • Gold plan: $299 monthly & $2988 yearly


  • Having all marketing components
  • Sales funnel preview lets you make amendments easily
  • Training portals and tutorials to guide you


  • Limited integration channels
  • Tool diversity may confuse users
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