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  • Huge Audience
  • High Engagement
  • More Interaction Time
  • laser Focused Targeting
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Gain High ROI & Business Scalability with Professionals

Aghatech is dedicated to help every visionary brand to increase lead generation with Facebook marketing expertise. Your potential audience from all around the world spend hours on Facebook so why not benefit with their social presence?

With the right strategy implemented on a distinctive crowd of 2.41 billion users, you can boost the scalability of your business as well.

92% of Marketers Fail to Generate Positive Conversions Due to Poor Ad Strategies

Get a significant conversion ratio with Aghatech with Facebook Ads being our strong suit. Every flaw from your previous ad strategies is detected and resolved so that you can get the right audience and take the right decisions to uplift your brand.

Boosting your Revenue & Increasing Profitability with Facebook Ads

Aghatech works to build a bond based on reliability and performance with you that starts with your business excellence and marketing analysis.
While every other social media marketing agency works to increase your ROI, Aghatech plans for a long time success. But we know your growth is important for our growth, thus our focus is utilizing your assets in such a way that can give revenue and profitability.
  Some factors that contribute to the profitability include:

Selection of Right Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel illustrates the path consumers take to reach you and this path shouldn’t be one for all. With Aghatech, you’ll be offered a customised sales funnel, related to the type and expertise of your business for spreading across several channels.

We choose amongst different types of sales funnel, ranging from webinar sign up funnel and onboarding funnel to lead generation funnel and limited time offer funnel to get you the right one depending on the current circumstances of your business.

We help you find gaps where the leads drop out and never convert, by using different approaches on different stages.

Right Sales Funnel
Ads Strategy​

Clearly Defined Ads Strategy

Your ad strategy must be strong enough to convert your potential visitors into permanent consumers. Aghatech offers diverse Facebook ad strategies that fits in with the overall objectives of your brand.

Whether it is for Facebook story or for in-stream ads, each of one your ads are structured and designed separately for every platform.

Selection of Right Audiences

With Aghatech, you’ll be given detailed audience analysis including geographic, demographics, interests, income, etc. to get you the right traffic, so that your ads will only be shown to audiences that are interested in your brand.

We not only focus on targeting but on retargeting as well, that’s why we don’t just opt for an audience that is ready to convert but we also reach existing clients to connect more.

Selection of Audiences​
Monitoring and optimising the campaign​

Monitoring and optimising the campaign

Facebook isn’t simply a ‘set it and forget it’ platform, thus your ads need to be constantly monitored and optimized. Aghatech believes that those who want to get the most out of every business dynamic need to evolve with the new marketing trends.

All your Facebook ad campaigns will be monitored daily and constantly optimize to achieve the highest yield and lowest cost possible.

If you have invested previously in Facebook ads but didn’t get the desired results, then it is crucial to invest in a professional Facebook advertising campaign today!

Facebook Advertising Agency With Creative Strategies

Facebook is a place where your customers spend time daily. There are 2.41 billion active users on Facebook & with right strategy you can scale your business to a very large extent.

Smart Targeting Agency

Facebook is the most efficient and growing social media marketing platform with customizable and flexible advertisements. Get immediate results and reach millions of people with Facebook ads for businesses.

Befriend your business with Facebook and get the maximum return on ad spend with the best ads agency, Aghatech. We will take your business to the highest level by successfully managing your Facebook campaigns.

Get Greater ROI

Build your brand awareness and boost website traffic with the Facebook ad creation service. Likewise, increase your customer attribution and the touch-points with your audience. Above all, this will result in more and more leads in the future.

Tap into the true power of Facebook and connect with a new audience with the top-rated Facebook marketing company. In truth, only a carefully crafted Facebook Ads campaign can get you the four-time greater ROI and also decrease your CPC.

Smart targeting at Facebook Ad Agency

Who Are We?

Aghatech – Digital is a full-service Facebook advertising agency that is known for getting the best results. Likewise, our dedicated and experienced team focuses on KPIs and ROI and constantly test new ideas. Hire our Facebook marketing firm to manage and optimize your Facebook ads in a smart way. Our expert marketers offer all in one solution to your advertising campaigns.

We create hyper-targeted ads for you to direct valuable traffic to your site, and this way, earn qualified leads for you. Our competitive strategies are based on insightful knowledge and years of experience. Furthermore, at Aghatech – Digital, we not only offer you the Facebook digital marketing services but also keep you up to date with the actionable reporting. With our strategic solutions, your brand reaches its social media goals.

Preferred Facebook Ad Agency

The Most Preferred Facebook Ads Agency to Grow Your Business

Important to realize, Facebook digital marketing can build a great online following of your brand and improve its revenue-driving efforts. Accordingly, you can improve the lead generation of your business by making the correct use of a massive audience, diverse ad types, and the advanced targeting options Of Facebook. Aghatech is a full brand digital marketing agency that focuses on direct conversions. We believe that ROI is essential for our clients who have more interest in generating direct revenue. By the same token, our specialized team makes use of the most cost-effective Facebook advertising methods available today to deliver tangible results. Our Facebook advertising service can help you take the complete advantage of this huge social networking site.

Build Engagement & Strong Connections

On the whole, Facebook ads for businesses build engagement and signify a strong connection with your audience. What more, people engage with your brand’s, and this way, your connection becomes much stronger with them. At Aghatech – Digital, we make use of some of the most powerful targeting tools to offer you the data-driven lead generation campaigns. Aghatech – Digital is an excellent Facebook advertising agency for small businesses where we optimize every aspect of your ad to make it valuable to your Facebook audience. All things considered, We work closely with our customers and offer the best solutions to their complex problems.
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